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Re: Who is more famous globally:Serena Williams or Mariah Carey?

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
Well, Serena Williams is definitely more important than Mariah Carey. Every sports writer whether they like her or not will agree that Serena is one of the greats. Carey has sold a lot of records, but she isn't highly regarded by music critics at all. Just another plastic r&b girlie who tries to cover up the inferiority of her material by trying to impress with vocal gymnastics and singing four or five different notes for every syllable.
Ok, as you wish.

and please who cares about music critics. As long as there are millions of fans out there, those few music critics means nothing to an artist. Their career and legendary status are based on fans and peers, not by some unknown music critics, who may not even know what music is.
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