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Re: Your tennis results?!

Originally Posted by Lachy View Post
Ok, so I have a question about gamestyles...hopefully someone can help me out. I have pretty flat groundies but I play my best against big-hitters. I really like using the pace of their shots. Lately I have been struggling against really defensive players (pushers) that just loop the ball back, often dropping it really short, with no pace whatsoever. I feel like I have to generate all the pace myself. Often times I start these matches well but because I am going for so much I lose all my rhythm on my groundstrokes and crumble in the 2nd set. Last match I played a defensive player I decided to play more defensively myself and just try and get more margin on my shots.

What's the answer to these sorts of match-ups? It's like when I go for my shots constantly I lose rhythm and feel but when I play too defensively I end up getting run left and right. It is tough to find the perfect solution.
When I play defensive players I play slightly more defensively myself, I hit angles and make the run side to side and wait for a short ball to attack. I also try to get to net a lot more often and also attack on ROS. But I generate my own power pretty easily so
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