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Re: "Every generation is better than the previous one. The game is always evolving"

Originally Posted by L'Enfant Sauvage View Post
Adding something in your game that no one else uses doesn't automatically = revolution. I can grow a pair of tits, go pro on the WTA and make underhanded serves an integral part of my game, but if A) It doesn't make a significant impact on the game, and B) No one replicates it, it doesn't count as revolutionizing the game. No one has tried to emulate Stosur's game, and it hasn't been dominating enough for one to say it had a lasting impact on the game, therefore it is not a revolution
Stosur has been a top player for about 2 years. Give it some time. I am sure there are a few juniors just starting out who will try to play this game. If they fail, then it's because this technique is too difficult for women to perfect (in which case Sam gets a lot of credit), just like how the Williamses's GOAT serving didn't inspire a wave of great servers. Players just couldn't serve like that, no matter how hard they tried.

Players didn't have the athleticism and technique to execute the forehand-slice game of Graf immaculately either (not that Spirlea and such didn't try) or the flair to hit Henin's one-hander.

If by revolution, you mean imitable change, and if that is a key criterion for greatness/etc, then Evert wins hands-down by popularising the double-hander. Yet she consistently played second-fiddle to Navratilova in the second half of their careers.

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