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Re: Violence against women, including rape

Originally Posted by mykarma View Post

Lets try to break down what seems to have happened, from this very brief article. He takes the nude pictures of her. (Were they taken surreptitiously, or with her co-operation?) He blackmails her with them (presumably into having sex with him?) The word "repeatedly" implies that there were multiple encounters, which him having the pictures kept her from reporting.

So far it seems consensual, though he'd be guilty of extortion. (And invasion of privacy, IF the pics were taken lets say from outside with a telephoto lens, or with a "spycam" planted somewhere). She finds out she's pregnant, seeks an abortion, and its denied. (I don't know the Turkish abortion laws). It seems that then she snaps, kills him, and publicly alleges rape (to defend her honor).

The guy was seemingly a total SOB, but this seems like lets say a Jewish girl impregnated by a non-Jewish guy (who pretended 2B Jewish) then killing him and claiming rape afterwards; though she'd presumably have been able to have an abortion. Sorry, but lying (or even blackmail, as in the article) isn't rape, if the "use or threat of force" is absent. If the women of Turkey are widely victimized, they should find a better case to cite.
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