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Re: Calamity Kvitty heads to Paris for Mud Digging, Shopping and some Indoor Tennis!

Originally Posted by TimeyWimey View Post

Folks, What an apt song that captures the moment perfectly…

As TW has started the Josh Groban theme.. so I’ll continue it….
Originally Posted by I.Luv.Kvitty View Post
I've had enough of this rollercoaster.... there is so much "feeling sick" one can take. I don't feel I can support someone who doesn't want to change or help themselves.

Originally Posted by TennisAddict84 View Post
just managed to see the last game...yea i have to agree w/ u...hard to care about a player when they don't care about themselves...

Now now.. you guys are getting far too melodramatic… there is going to be more of these yet to come through her career… take a step back and reconsider what your expressing – are you saying your adoration of her (lovable kvitty) is purely results based… and if not….

I propose a tissue fest with the above track playing … lots of candles around the sofa, some tubs of ice cream and lots of tears to let the emotions out should help…

If it brings any comfort, I propose taking a peek at her face book site where you can see her supposedly fans turning on her in ‘foul’ language… so I think she gets the message that she is not meeting expectations of her fan base …

Originally Posted by Jajaloo View Post
As soon as she starts getting good wins everybody will be on her dick again! Shake my gyad damn head! She's just going through a rough patch. Petra will come good! It took Djokovic 2 + 3/4 seasons before he won his next slam.

Thank you all for joining the stop-over in Paris and making it so special – au revoir… see you all in Doha ….and the rest of the season
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