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Re: Petra Kvitová Live Scores Thread vol2

Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
You just don't get it do you!!? What is so hard to understand?

Petra just can't show up and win anywhere, if her game, work ethic, will, instinct, confidence and timing are completely shot (as it appears to be now)!!

Maybe, she can do that on grass, cause grass is not a true bounce surface (unlike indoor hardcourt), and Petra's game is tailor made for it. However, if she doesn't feast on a compliant opponent early, she can loose early on grass as well, as Makarova beat her last year at Eastbourne.

And there's not tennis reason why Petra should have poor results on Outdoor Hardcourt. That's all mental for Petra (as she showed when she won Montreal, New Haven and made the semi's of Cincy). This only demonstrates how inconsistent, Petra and her team are at gearing up for specific parts of the season.
I think it's you who don't get it. If she can't even perform at the level of Top100 player on her best and favorite surface, this shows something is wrong with her, not her team, not her preparation, not commitment but only her. Playing indoors is in her blood, she doesn't need to have the best team in the world or great preparation to produce decent results and her past achievements proves that, it's not like she played vs another indoorGOAT. If she plays great here without distraction from big media, her team but continues to play bad in doha\dubai this proves your theory about bad preparation and stuff but she just played bad, period. The only thing that Petra needs to change it's her mental state, it's like something happened in her life that she's just distracted from being herself on the court.

btw, i don't said she can't have good results, i've said she can struggles with wind, sun, humidity, heat, etc... this things affect any player but indoors all this things are absent, so for playing in Australia we can find some excuses for her poor results but here we can't and that's what's worries me, since she always plays great indoors no matter what. FC would be great measuring stick, if she can't perform decently even there
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