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Re: Testing an Idea

Rollo, I see only advantages of this idea. You pointed out almost all important things about such a database, I can also add that:

- various threads, for example "Married names", "Names resolution", "Thread finder" etc. can merge into one, and in this way you can include all the info known (and also some queries) about players in one place - now all this seems to be divided between too many threads, and you never really know if your finding has already been posted on Blast before or not;

- you can also include players who married, but their maiden names remain unknown;

- you can inform people which players still need some additional research.

I think it should be some kind of a database friendly to those people who edit results on Blast, but don't need any detailed info at the moment. A database where names can be cross checked, also it would be a good idea if you could include DoB, married names, a career's span there, but if you add too much on the main pages, they can become unclear.

Those who want some deeper details can open a link below a particular player's name, just like you suggest - you can put there some trivia, pictures, links to other websites, a list of achievements etc., a short or a long biography, and you may edit it whenever you find something new.
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