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Re: Testing an Idea

LKK made the suggestion a couple weeks back about expanding the married names thread into something that mentions all the players.

The idea intrigues me. There are some real benefits.

1. We can include women who never married.

2. Names can be cross checked. Note that someone seeing "Mrs Cozens" would be told to "SEE AKHURST."

3. Links to a biographical thread or post can carry details and also post links.

4. This could be a way to resolve amongst ourselves questions on which name form to use when there is a question. For example, do we use "Rosie" or "Rosemary" Casals?

5. 1 or two pictures could be included in the bios, making this a sort of Encyclopedia of Women's tennis players.

6. This could be a method of recognizing research done. Note in the Akhurst bio I credited GeeTee with a quote. We have a lot of biographichal info from out contributors.

There might be downsides to this as well. The devil is always in the details.
Nothing is decided on this, so the floor is open.

What does everyone think?

If you like the idea what are your thoughts on a format?

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