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Re: Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without consent

Originally Posted by pov View Post
Yeah IMO that is very f**ked up! But of course only nutters think that there are "conspiracies."
No need to go the conspiracy route, we all know why they do it.
The same reason they don't want Arab there: they don't to be outnumbered by any who does not look like or share their values.

Ethiopian maybe Jews, but they are not the right kind to be allowed to multiply; their population must be controlled.

Striving to join Apartheid era South Africa, but Israel has a long way to, maybe they'll get there some day, as some white South African are who can't tolerate a black government are moving to Israel


For 12 years, Wouter Basson allegedly developed poisons for use on enemies of South Africa's apartheid state.

He searched for viruses that would sterilize or kill only blacks.

He stockpiled cholera and illicit drugs, and ordered the development of bizarre weapons – such as a poison-tipped umbrella – for use by the secret police.

Yet last week, after a two-year trial, Mr. Basson was found not guilty of 46 counts against him, including murder, intimidation, and drug possession.

The failure of the South African government's multimillion dollar case against Basson – a chemical-weapons expert, dubbed "Dr. Death" by the country's media – highlights the difficulties of seeking legal justice for apartheid-era crimes under South Africa's model of reconciliation and forgiveness.

It also shows the deep racial divide that still runs through this nation nearly eight years after Nelson Mandela became the country's first black president.

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