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Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Am glad that you brought up net play in addition to the serve issues.Her inadequacies in net play are a superb example of how Caro's original style of play was insufficient without some tinkering.We could debate aggression and passivity all day but there's no disputing that Caro's net game could still use some notable improvement
She used to be efficient at the net in the past a lot more than now. Now,she is sometimes visibly struggling to control the direction of the ball when she tries a net approach. She isn't able to give a net shot the right angle,sometimes it's very easy for the opponent because she the ball goes straight accross so they can reach it in no time. Kuznetsova did expose Caro's weak net play at their last match. She was able to outplay her almost every time when she did a net approach.
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