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Re: Calamity Kvitty heads to Paris for Mud Digging, Shopping and some Indoor Tennis!

Originally Posted by hypersonic View Post
To me, I feel like there is some enthusiastic streak in her words, not in a competitive way but more in an exploratory way. It feels like she's going to try some things (I'm not implying in any way that she is going to show her Istanbul-like play, with variety), play without pressure and without overthinking a lot (be it her ranking, her recent results, the draw, her opponent), just trying to regain her OWN game again - like being back to the basics - square one.
Good points.

In Linz (like now), Petra's play and results leading up to it were horrible. So when Petra entered, she had no to low expectations (didn't even want to enter the event until the last minute), and almost treated it like practice, really!

Guess what? After two shaky early matches, she found her form; including her variety, touch and net game. The rest was history, as she closed out the year winning Istanbul and Fed Cup.

However, if you would have listened to her then--before the tournament started, you (anyone, including POV) would have felt the worse or same. Good or bad, that's Petra!
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