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Re: Calamity Kvitty heads to Paris for Mud Digging, Shopping and some Indoor Tennis!

Once again, I see there's disorder--in the always less than well run Kvitty Queendom.

Petra's a funny young lady to understand sometimes.

Think about it? She's either committed to staying with a group of misfits, who continue to demonstrate they have no clue what they're doing. Then at other times, Petra wants to be away from them (to get her game and head in order with no pressure she says), where she's actually won about half her career titles with out them.

How about just changing or trying different management and coaches altogether Petra, that gives you best of both worlds/situations, and chances to win!!?

Once again, this is a clear admittance, that Cernosek/Kotyza and team have reached their limits with Petra. How many times is she going to do this (Linz 2011, Montreal 2012, and now Paris 2013), to find her game, instincts, mind and self???

Why must Petra rely on herself (and Veronica), to play her way back into form?

If you told other tennis fans how Petra's team is run (especially of top 5 players), they wouldn't believe you or think you were lying. You can't make this stuff up.

What a waste (no matter what she does at Paris Indoors)!!

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