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Re: Calamity Kvitty heads to Paris for Mud Digging, Shopping and some Indoor Tennis!

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Perhaps an obsessive fan might have issues but most people here probably have jobs or classes that they don't allow Petra to interfere with....If she's REALLY so satisfied with her current status,then why churn out so many B.S. excuses??If she doesn't care,then she might as well just say,'So I lost.If the fans don't like it,tough shit!' either Czech or very broken English,of course
Taking things literally are we? lol. By "issues" I'm referring to spending time racking brains with much emoting about what's up with her. And IMO, based on the reaction I got to criticism of her last year some on here are obsessive. Less so now. As for the second part of your post - starting with "If she's REALLY so satisfied" Really? "doesn't care"? Where'd that come from?

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