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Originally Posted by pestacide View Post
you're wrong there crotennis2.. a genetical problem on her knee "bakers cyst" isn't anyones fault.. it's how some people are born.. now that it has been eliminated the people who brought her to top 50 and petra, who played the tennis to get top 50 can get back to work..
dedication is only limited by complications outside the sphere of physiologists and tennis experts..
dedication is ever present in petra, when her body allows for it! she is one of the youngest in top 100 and has a lot of years in tennis.. keeping them injury free is the job of fitness coaches and physios, as well as the head coaches that work with their players.. but it is also the responsibility of doctors to diagnose internal problems and/or genetical limitations correctly..
the player does what he/she is told by the people she pays to do that.. and petra is a player that does things 110%..
blaming the coaches and fitness coaches is easy.. blaming the player is even easier.. what is really difficult for people like you is wishing all the best to these kids to get the maximum out of their already very successful lives..
look at the drilling cilic gets, why? because some of you are losing money on betting.. in the end, the guy (and petra) have seen more of the world, made more money and lived more abundantly than any of you ever will..
don't look to blame, look to support and help.. otherwise, look at another player on this forum.. and repeat your mistakes..
Are you really speaking or only promoting yourself? If you have now to make propaganda, say such, not attack others. I place no blame, just facts that can be associated all over, a genetic disruption is an explanation, only. People like me? Betting? Where? Are you making accusations or just like I say self-promoting how great you are? People are allowed to ask questions and discuss, if the player makes statements then it is clear, if not, then it can allow for space. It is free to comment here or other places, not to take directions from a person hiding behind a hand and keyboard. Be honest. I am clear in my intention, it is great she succeed for herself, family, country. If you feel such attacks then you have the problem my friend, not elsewhere.
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