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Re: Su-wei Hsieh New Start Cheering Thread

According to her facebook Paul told her not to play this week, but she decided to come for some free physician therapy from the trainers so -110 points after next week's Pattaya points fall off.


Shenzhen - R16 - 30
Hobart - R32 - 1
Melbourne - R61 - 100
Pattaya City - 1
Fed Cup (2012 PTT SF dropping, replaced by Birmingham, -110)
Dubai (in Q)
Kuala Lumpur (2012 KL W dropping regardless)
Indian Wells (To replace 2012 Strasbourg R16)

Q1 - TBD

Miami (To replace 2012 Budapest R16)

Q1 Defending: 536
Q1 Earned YTD: 132

To be honest, she should skip Fed Cup if her wrist is not healed.

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