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Re: The Amazing and Remarkable Monica Niculescu

Originally Posted by Curcubeu View Post
Monica is usually doing very well on fast surfaces. Look at Luxembourg which is the fastest on the tour. On the other hand she sucks badly on clay.

Actually all her strengths play into that. Her serve is not that attackable, while she is still a great return player to get many of the opponent's serve back in play.
However, her biggest strength is her unpredictability in the rallies there. She can suck up her opponent's pace the way she wants or simply redirect it, create the rallies faster or slower herself, breaking her opponent's rhythm. Many girls have no clue how to deal with that and overhit or become a victime of their own poor footwork.

On the other hand many of her shots just beg to be put away on clay. She can easily be outplayed there, because her opponent has enough time to play the right shot, while they don't get the time to do so on faster surfaces.
Yup. Indoors is definately where Monica is most dangerous and the way this event is going I'm expecting good things this week. The main draw spots for the qualifiers look pretty condusive to Monica having good week.

Funnily enough the spot I'm hoping Monica gets is the one in the 4th quarter. Monica has a good record against Pironkova and matches up well against her. And then in the 2nd round Monica would face Kvitova. Monica with four matches on the Paris surface against a slumping Kvitova playing her 1st would, I think, be a wonderful opportunity for Monica to get a really big win here. Honestly, I fancy Monica's chances against Kvitova much more than I do against Errani. Sara, has the discipline and variety of shot so that I doubt Monica would be able to do much to trouble her. Niculescu v Errani looks to me a tough match for Monica even indoors. On the other hand, I can see Monica totally discombobulating Petra. Yeah, that could be a lot of fun indeed.

Oh, the one player I want Monica to avoid in the 1st round is Monica Puig. That girl is dangerous and the last thing I want to see is the q v q spot in the lineup becoming a Monica v Monica spot.

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