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Re: Aga the Oracle tells the truth: disagrees with final result

Originally Posted by Pawcio765 View Post
Robert (her dad) was mixing sport with politics. Everybody knows that's true, even Aga was talking about it. She was not ok with that and she says one time that THIS is one of the reasons why she wanted to be more independent and hire another couch. Because she is separating sport and politics, and her dad wasn't able to do that.
Oh crap, sorry for my English. I'm trying to do my best There are a couple of things why she has haters here in Poland but I can't write it in English XD sorry...
..Ugh... Aga phrased the word JEZUS using tennis balls and one right-wing party used it in campaign.
After the death of Polish President, in Poland was a really bad atmosphere. And there was a group of religious fanatics. They were talking that President was murdered by Russians etc. and they were preaching for months before a huge cross in the center of Warsaw. It was revealed that Aga was there one time, so a lot of people are hating her for that.
And Olympics... It was such a big hype in Poland after her Wimbledon final. Her match was transmitted on national television, and unfortunately she has lost in the first round. Doubles and Mixed doubles weren't also a success. After that she said in interview something like, oh yeah it's not a big deal, there are plenty of another tournaments. And she added with a smile on her face, unfortunately there are not play-offs in tennis . So some people were very pissed.
Nowadays after her every loss you can read in the comments about that from haters XD.
Uff.. I hope you understand something

Good post. Thanks for the info.

Please don't worry about spelling and grammar. The point of a message board is to communicate ideas. Its not a spelling contest.

This is a good story. When I have more time its worth reading up on. I can't believe I didn't know much about this.

Again. Thank you.
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