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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by marineblue View Post
I don't know about JJ but Ana has got quite comfortable at the top of the game and many of her long-term fans confirmed that she lost her commitment and drive because of a high-life that she was living.
The rest of your post was fine but I chose to focus on this part.....You did well to distinguish between the Serbs and,IMO,Caro is more similar to the former.It's no secret that,her B.S. p.r. statements to the contrary,Ana has QUIT and accepted being an above-average,Top 15 player whose ranking is sufficiently high enough to draw endorsement ops and photo shoots as she collects on her lucrative Adidas contract which is only valid if she's an active player.Her 'fitness training' is often a joke and she's shown an unwillingness to deal with her on-court psychological problems or make the sort of commitment required to stay an elite she was for a very brief stretch.

JJ is several years older...not to the point where she's over the hill but where,possibly,doubt is creeping in on her.With her style of play,she has to work much harder than some of the more naturally-gifted gals do,and I think that she shares that challenge with Caroline.To me,JJ seemed to drop off a bit,in terms of intensity,the year after she lost the USO final to Serena.Maybe a part of her said within herself that she'd never make that final hurdle if she couldn't do so in her best-ever season.I haven't ever followed Jelena THAT closely so I can't really judge where she is,mentally,right now.

Caroline is much younger than JJ,though,so there remains a reasonable window of opportunity for her.I still have concerns that Caro is overly dependent on her dad for support,but I state that as suspicion and not fact.It would be nice if they brought in a highly-respected coach as consultant,at some who could work well with the two of them w/o disturbing their comfort zone too much

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