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Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
The other aspect, thats huge, is that Jankovic & Ivanovic, no matter how hard they try, cant recapture the level they had.
Thats a problem when you have fame & wealth & all the advantages of being a great player.
I remember a coach said you have to play like a pauper, not a princess. Digging deep is a lot harder when you are not as hungry. You have to be very motivated at this level. This is the best in the world, and its very hard work, especially the mental focus needed both in every practice and in every game
Connors said about Nadal: He plays like he's broke.
That's not easy. Aches & pains come with that also
Great quote, very true. I don't know about JJ but Ana has got quite comfortable at the top of the game and many of her long-term fans confirmed that she lost her commitment and drive because of a high-life that she was living. Then she got a smack of reality when her ranking plummeted and suddenly there was an uphill battle to get back to where she was. I think that seeing her example the other players can take a lot of lessons about how important is to have a good attitude. I think Caro is more committed to her career than JJ or Ana but there are many distractions around her which can cause that she loses her focus. We'll see if she finds the right work-life balance which could help her results. Maybe her mini-slump was good in that sense just as a reminder of how fast can things change and how easy it is to go from a consistent player to an inconsistent one.
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