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Re: How is the Australian Open viewed as a "grand slam"

Originally Posted by eck View Post
For a MM slam, they offer the largest pot of prize money and the tournament director is actually well loved amongst the players. It's the one slam that actually tries to accommodate the players to fit their needs.

It's regarded as the "fun" slam by many people.

"Wimbledon is the oldest Major, founded in 1877, followed by the US in 1881, the French in 1891, and the Australian in 1905"
Yup, the slams are regarded in prestige pretty much in order of age. I would agree it is the "fun" slam. It kick starts the tennis year, the players and fans alike love it. It has a great tennis tradition, some amazing champions and some amazing matches.

It isn't as "serious" as Wimbledon which marks the tipping point into the latter third of the tennis year and is traditionally dominated by the greatest of champions, but it is as well regarded in its own way. In other words: it is what it is.

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(1)A lot is being made of the record Serena has vs Sharapova. It is being used as THE reason she will win again lol. Good thing we have players like Tomas Berdych (who had an even worse record vs Nadal) to remind us of the fallacy of this nonsense logic.
(2)You stans may as well sleep well tonight because tomorrow the a replay of Lucie's winning moment over and over again will haunt your dreams for weeks to come
(3)The stars have aligned perfectly for the upset of the 21st century. All the best Garbine
(4) There is no path to victory for Williams.Keys wins in straight easy sets.
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