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Re: Aussie ITF circuit 2012/2013

^ Yes, unusual for an international to get a card.

Second Qualifying Round

(1)Mari Tanaka (JPN) d. Ashling Sumner (AUS) 60 61
(15)Carol Zhao (CAN) d. Samantha Harris (AUS) 46 76(3) 60

(2)Alexandra Kiick (USA) d. Ilka Csoregi (ROU) 63 63
Kanami Tsuji (JPN) d. (13)Erin Routliffe (CAN) 75 61

(3)Anett Kontaveit (EST) d. Natalia Vajdova (SVK) 60 76(2)
(16)Alison Bai (AUS) d. Rose Barker (AUS) 60 61

(4)Jessica Moore (AUS) d. Zuzanna Maciejewska (POL) 75 57 63
(10)Yumi Miyazaki (JPN) d. Gussie O'Sullivan (AUS) 64 63

(5)Viktorija Rajicic (AUS) d. Nicole Hoynaski (AUS) 63 60
(11)Storm Sanders (AUS) d. Nives Baric (AUS) 63 75

(6)Azra Hadzic (AUS) d. Angelique Svinos (AUS) 62 63
Zoe Hives (AUS) d. (12)Isabella Holland (AUS) 63 61

(7)Emily Webley-Smith (GBR) d. Yana Mogilnitskaya (RUS) 57 63 63
(9)Karolina Wlodarczak (AUS) d. Brooke Rischbieth (AUS) 64 63

(8)Tammi Patterson (AUS) d. Nicole Collie (AUS) 61 60
(14)Stephanie Bengson (AUS) d. Rachael Tredoux (AUS) 76(4) 63

Nice lot a results there. Good shot of getting 6 qualifiers, though Alison might find it tough over Anett (just going by rankings)

Bad luck to Sam Harris who pushed pushed top Canadian junior Zhou in the 2nd round. Wonder if she had match points?

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