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Re: NYT Q&A with Stacey Allaster on medical timeouts, doping, more

Originally Posted by Tennis Fool View Post
Q. and A. With the WTAís Stacey Allaster

Still, consecutive medical timeouts are very unusual.

For sure. I donít have the details on that. I just know the medical experts followed the medical timeout according to the rules, but certainly there is always something that happens in a situation like this. And the supervisors will have a debrief after a Slam to review it. Does something need to be modified for the future? Weíll see. On the WTA, we obviously have different rules. We put a limit on the number of medical timeouts you could have in a calendar year in the WTA. Itís six and if they need more, they pay a fee, and thereís nothing like attaching monetary deterrent to an athlete because they donít want to pay so we actually saw a reduction in our medical timeouts once we instituted our rule a couple years ago.
Imagine asking that players pay like 1000 to get that extra medical attention. 1000 for the likes of Serena/Maria/Li etc is not the same for the much lower ranked opponents. This does nothing for the top players, if they go that path- shouldn't be a percentage of their earnings?

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