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Re: Why Do Players Say "I Have Nothing To Lose"?

Originally Posted by hablo View Post
It's to take the pressure off themselves and it's a phrase they're fed by their PR or have seen other top players say.

The likes of Sharpie say it too; another phrase I hate: something like "I just have to go out there and play my own game" as if they don't have to take into consideration what tactics or strengths their opponents have...

I agree with this. I always think the same and really dislike the phrase as for me it seems that the player who says means that no matter how amazing her opponents plays, if she plays "her game" it will be enough to win... which for me is a bit of self-assurance, but in some cases i also don´t think they believe in that...

The "I have nothing to lose phrase" it depends of the player. Some players use it to take pressure off themselves. I think it´s not bad for the non-favourites and sometimes it is used to send a message to the opponent before the match.
Among the top players they aren´t sincere when they say that playing against lower ranked player, but if it´s a top ranked opponent with whom he/she has lost in the previous match maybe the phrase is used to put pressure on the him/her.


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