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Originally Posted by terjw View Post
Not talking about their achievements. I'm not knocking those in any way. What I don't like about them is that those three players have been the worst culprits at pulling out of tournaments late that they have committed to. I remember a few years back Serena pulling out with an injury excue and going surfing that week. She was always withdrawing. Just to be clear - I'm not talking about the times they withdraw for a bone fide injury. But when they've done it for tactical purposes. That's what I don't like. That to me is akin to being let down by tradesman who say they will come on a certan day and don't turn up. And that is unprofessional as far as I'm concerned.

All very well and good. What's it to do with Caro? Well what I was trying to say in agreement with Bruce is that that if Caro makes a committment - she has an attitude of meeting it unless injured. But when she sees those three who she gets on well with withdrawing ... All I'm saying is that in the company of those players - I hope she doesn't change in this respect and become like them in breaking a committment in such a cavalier fashion.
Goldenlox offers some decent points in response to this but fails to justify the most grievous of the nonsense.True,the body tends to break down as you get older,but Serena is in a small minority as a 30-something who regularly goes deep at tourneys.Most of the other top players are AT LEAST 5 years younger;furthermore,a non-teen athlete tends to know his/her body pretty darned well and can reasonably predict how much of a workload it can take.

Also,we must make a distinction between wearing down over the course of the season and actually being injured.Being worn out is a pansy-ass,amateurish excuse for breaking a tourney commitment.Practically EVERY athlete gets worn down over the course of the season,but only the tennis cotton-softies seem to take pride in lying and playing hooky.I can tell you that an NFL player who pretended to be injured,missed an important game, and was later caught surfing would have to be traded almost immediately for his personal safety...or else a couple of his furious teammates would royally kick his ass in the locker room.

Injuries are largely irrelevant on this issue because there are no penalties for the player who is legitimately injured and needs to withdraw.An intelligent player can accurately estimate how many tourneys she's capable of playing.I'm almost certain that the reason we see such ridiculous tourney over-committing is because some players have come to assume that they can talk/fake their way out of showing up.If they were prevented from doing so,then it would be astonishing how quickly they figured out the allegedly indecipherable rocket science of schedule planning

Caro's problem at 2010's end was that she had been unprepared for her first year of routinely going deep in tourneys almost every week;she over-estimated her stamina and had nothing left in the tank for YEC.By the end of 2011,though,I'm sure she had a solid grasp on just how many tourneys her bod could take

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