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Re: The 20 Greatest *Active Singles* Players on the WTA Tour

Originally Posted by Natural Joe View Post

And didn't you argue in the other thread that Ana is greater than Vika because according to you, she's had a bigger overall influence on the world of tennis?
Well, I said this is my updated list, so, as Azarenka's fan which I think you are, I would expect from you to be happy with this. I still think Ana has bigger overall influence on tennis world, but respecting the rules, it is obvious that someone with 2 GS titles and #1 should be ahead of someone with 1 GS title and #1. But, if Ana would have 2 GS titles, she should be considered greater than Vika with 2 GS IMO.

Originally Posted by Tennisstar86 View Post
Ana 5? No. Li NA is borderline #4 right now. Shes got influence over a BILLION people in china. Shes the first chinese player to win a slam. Azarenka needs to win another slam to surpass Li imo. if its on "how" they will be remembered. Maria and Li get the bumps for being the 1rst.
Li is great but she can't be ahead of Ana, Azarenka or Kuznetsova. If we would consider only off-court influence, I would pick Serena, Maria, Ana and Li as top 4 immediately.

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