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Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
Yeah, some of the tennis pundits went completely over board there. I didn't see anyone outraged with Kuznetsova and her 10 min toilet break and long MTO ... but Vika have back spasms and a MTO was the 'death to tennis' and other hyperbolic comments.

I guess the outraged were primarily Americans, upset their young hope didn't win and vented their disappointment towards Vika. Psychology 1-0-1.
Kuznetsova is not a no.1 so she got away with her gamesmanship more lightly. But Azarenka is so the scrutiny and criticism comes with the territory. I think she has only herself to blame,it's not the first time she did raise suspicions of faking injuries to win a match. Besides, her relationship with the media is not great. So, she did not prepare a nice bed to lay in.
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