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Victoria Azarenka is good for the WTA

You might not like some of the things she does on the court, some of her antics might annoy you and obviously she is a player that polarizes many but ultimately Vika Azarenka is good for the WTA. Its taken a long time for someone from the younger generation to step up and repeatedly be a threat at the slams, show some character. The girl had everyone personally attacking her and booing her yet she did not cave, she was not playing her best but she did what all the former great players have done in the past which is win trough heart and determination when their game fails them. That is a sign of a champion and sign that this girl is here to stay, like her or not the WTA finally has someone from the newer generation that is consistently good enough to pose a challenge. She is not a Wozniacki or a Ivanovic(nothing against them as I personally support Ivanovic), she will not let the pressure get to her. Finally someone who is not Serena, Justine, Venus, Kim, Maria showing some of that champion mentality that most of the younger generation lack. What worried me is that after those great players retire there will be nobody to carry the torch and its good to see someone like Azarenka, good for the sport, even if she is hated, most number ones are hated, Serena was hated, that is not a bad thing, it means most people see the champion in her, they see her as a threat. Like all great champions in the past, she plays every point like it was crucial for her to get the win and sometimes her attitude comes of as cocky and her antics rub people the wrong way but as Martina Navratilova, Hingis, Serena, Venus, Seles, and Maria will tell you, not being the crowd favorite or the most popular is not always a bad thing.

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