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Originally Posted by BlueTrees View Post
I know right? Like at first it was only Jim. Then during the Stepanek match, McAvaney questioned him on it, so Jim then asked Novak after the match. Then Novak told him it's "DYOH-koh-vich". Then Jim was like "JOKE-oh-vich!!!" and Novak was like "Um yeah, whatever" and now everyone on Channel 7 is pronouncing it like that because they think that's the proper way

Sorry, OCD stan here They're just all such morons, urgh.
There was also a time that Jim was pronouncing Tsonga - 'T-songa' not 'songa'..... law unto himself in the booth.

Agree that Lleyton is great too. Bruce, Todd, Jim, Fitzy all seems to speak of the top players with some kind of god-like reverance. Lleyton certainly shows respect but is also able to articulate aspects of their games that he has found aren't that strong.

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