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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

Originally Posted by galadriel View Post
Hi Oizo

Mimiranda cut the ribbon and she sung the anthem You know our anthem ? "High,higher to the sky /if you don't move in then say good bye "

Enjoy "The Hobbit"

I also grew up with "Dynasty" and "Dallas": It's hard to believe but in that days we only got a few channels: ARD,ZDF and some regional channels

I heard about "Suits" and I will try to watch it I like "American Horor Story" and "Walking Dead" too

See you
Hi Gala

What an anthem

Yes, but at least when we had those 2 channels they had classy program, but nowadays there is so much garbage on TV Do you get ANIXE channel? They have a re-run of Dynasty in the evenings and they also show deleted scenes with subtitles. You can hear their real voices during those scenes

Suits is awesome I watched American Horror Story when it started, but then I missed some episodes and now I don't follow it anymore.

See you

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