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Re: Tennis Muttering Thread - vol2

Originally Posted by Cilla View Post

“@jamie_murray: Withdrawal due to bad pedicure. Medical timeout at 5-4 for nervousness. I'm not LMFAO. #whoyoutryingtokidd”

Originally Posted by Cajka View Post
Oh, where do I start?

1. "fucking bitch" incident
2. that YEC match against Marion
3. very strange and rude behavior in her AO R3 match against Barthel last year
4. that match against Aga in Doha
5. crying scene when she was losing to Marion
6. extreme injury
7. Rome and other withdrawals, Montreal, Tokyo (she can't afford to have a one pointer in her ranking points )
8. yelling at Cramer in Linz (in Tipsyćs style)
9. outbursts in Istanbul
10. another extreme injury against Masha, actually she was extremely injured against Masha every time when Masha was winning, ever since that "Is her last name Jankovic?" match
11. bad pedicure
12. She wants Hampton's back injury
13. now this
Azarenka has used every single gamesmanship tactics in the book. You name it, she's used it. As a matter of fact, she even adapted some of them to make them even worse - i.e. no other player's scream/yell lasts as long as it takes for the ball to reach her opponent's racquet.
And to use gamesmanship on a junior newbie in a GS SF really really takes an especially pitiful and disgusting kind of person. I thought only Wozniacki would stoop that low, but in her case it's kind of understandable since it's her only weapon.

Originally Posted by Cilla View Post
She threw shade after Sarin lost by saying it's about time she lost and praising Stephens to high heaven. You can imagine the abuse she got from Sarin's fans then she had a meltdown, admitted she had been crying due to the abuse, then deleted twitter
Capriati is such a lost cause.

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