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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
Caro is very comfortable with her dad as coach.
A lot of players would have done something drastic in Caro's situation. Nadia was doing great late last year & changed coaches. Sabine just added Sanchez

Whether Caro is right to keep this situation, we will know as years go by. She's obviously not in a panic situation (she just went on vacation)
Look at Vika's draw this year. Wouldnt you dream of Caro having that at a hardcourt major in 2011?
But the key to having a good draw is to get thru it. Sometimes a draw totally falls apart. But it doesnt matter if you already lost to a noncontender
Thats why I saw nothing wrong with losing to Dani & Domi. The tour was going back to hardcourt, and Serena & Kim getting older, Maria wins majors years apart. Just stay the course and build on your foundation.
But thats gone, and maybe gone forever
Haha, no way And even that is enough to stress her out so much she takes MTOs
I wonder what would the result be had Vika's draw included the likes of Dani or Domi playing at the level they had when they faced Caro. I think it could mix things up.
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