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Re: Going East for Success (February Thread)

Maybe Ana had some indifferent attitude on internationals in last couple of years, but I think situation is completely different now. Ana has 11 title in her career and she must be aware of the fact she should have much more titles, besides, she will be 26 this year, so there is no way that she will not give 100 percent to win this tournament IMO. (at least I hope) The moment is crucial and this is why:
1. Ana needs new title after 14 months.
2. She must try to be Top 12 on WTA before IW and Miami because of the draw.
3. She is a clear favorite in Pattaya, like come on, she must take that.

I agree that big tournaments motivate Ana much more, especially IW and Miami, but I hope she will realize how important for her is the following month.

Ana Ivanović Schweinsteiger

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