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Re: Tennis Tipping #3 | Australian Open |Thursday OOP is out! Finals time!! Send for

Final - Preview

Country: China
Seeding: -
TT-Ranking: 71
Age: 26

Final vs. (19) xieergai (CHN)

Road to the Final:

1st round: def. (Q) GoofyDuck (KOR) 25-24

2nd round: def. (21) Daszmarelli (BRA) 19-17

3rd round: def. (13) mateusz2904 (POL) 25-25 SRs: 22-20

4th round: def. Dementieva_Dude (CAN) 14-13

Quarterfinal: def. ESimp (CAN) 7-6

Semifinal: def. chenhw (FIN) 3-3 SRs: 3-1

Total points: 93

Country: China
Seeding: 19
TT-Ranking: 20
Age: 26

Final vs. 1987518LPF (CHN)

Road to the Final:

1st round: def. Edy. (CRO) 24-22

2nd round: def. Uranium (USA) 20-18

3rd round: def. Kirilenko-Fan (GER) 26-24

4th round: def. Chilenaitor (CHI) 14-12

Quarterfinal: def. Elzy Gano (CHN) 7-6

Semifinal: def. (Q) F4CU (ARG) 2-2 SRs: 2-1

Total points: 93


1987518LPF 0 - 1 xieergai

Charleston 2011 2011-04-04 R64 xieergai def. 1987518LPF 11-9

China vs. China!!
They are back, the Chinese TT players. We all are afraid of them as we all know that they can be really dangerous but this time no one was able to stop them.
The Australian Open Singles Champion 2013 will come from China, that is 100% sure already. But who will take the title? 19th seed xieergai or underdog 1987518LPF? it will be a tough fight and none of u should miss that battle!!

Experts give xiiergai the advantage but he surely has to improve to win the title. His SF was average, hardly was able to beat F4CU from Argentina, in the end it was his experience who helped him to win the match. But experience alone won´t be enough in the final, that is for sure. 1987518LPF wasn´t as successful as xiiergai so far but is very experienced as well but we´ll see how 1987518LPF can handle the pressure in a slam final, we all know how Elena D., the biggest idol of our Chinese friend, did in slam finals...

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