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Re: Hingis - Compare Radwanska to me when she's won a slam

Originally Posted by thegreendestiny View Post

Martina played during the time of Seles, Graf, Davenport, Serena, Venus, Capriati, Pierce. You are kidding right?
Hingis never played against the real Seles. Monica would have pounded her. The Williams sisters overtook Hingis due to power. We can debate which top ten was better Martina's or the one today. But there is no debate the depth of today women's tennis is much greater than when Hingis played in her best years. I am a Hingis fan from 1996 but Martina played at the right time for her career and her finesse stule of play. Seles sadly was not great player anymore after the stabbing, That was tragic. Graf was on the downside when Hingis won her slams and the Williams sisters were maturing and not ready yet. Credit to Martina for being a great player when she played. But in my opinion Aga plays in a tougher era of worldwide women's tennis to win slams than Hingis did. And there is no question that todays players on the average hit harder and deeper than when Martina was winning her slams. hey Hingis would probably hit harder than she used to if she played on the tour today.

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