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Re: 2013 Australian Open - Stuck in the mud

Originally Posted by netphobia View Post
Plus...yes, let's hire a brand-new fitness trainer while Petra is trying to get back on track from illness + weird scheduling during the offseason. Because that'll go over well. Few weeks without tennis and then a totally different trainer, 3 matches and then the Australian Open. Sigh.

ETA: I think someone said a while ago that the main problem here is that a top player should win matches (in part) because of her team...not in spite of them. I'm not saying that Petra and her serve ( ) are not responsible for crashing out to Hypson or Domi or Pavs, but still.
Maybe we all did at some point Phobia.

I know I did, in many different variations.

I had actually said recently (if I remember correctly), "If Petra wins in the future, she will win because she got hot and confident, and not because of anything thing her team did'.

And Petra recently said to the BBC, 'My serve was the worst ever', when she lost to Robson at the Australian Open. Oh Really!!

How/Why!? What were they doing!? You had a month and a half (in theory) to train and prepare for the new season, and you come out horrible, especially after a not so great end to 2012 (of course we know her Fed Cup, Czech Extraliga and Exo events cut into that rest and preparation time).

But still. Where's the pride??
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