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Re: 2013 Kick Off Weekend

So, kickoff weekend is this coming weekend. Thanks to fantic for remembering this old thread.

The ITA site has been updated with the schedule of play for each site:

Who will advance to join host UVA at National Indoors? Most sites are foregone conclusions but there are a few that are quite intriguing.

1. UCLA**
2. South Florida
3. Washington
4. San Diego

1. Duke**
2. Wyoming
3. College of Charleston
4. Wisconsin

1. USC**
2. Tulane
3. UC Irvine
4. Akron

1. Georgia**
2. Oklahoma State
3. Georgia State
4. Columbia

1. Cal**
2. St. Mary's
4. Fresno State

1. North Carolina
2. VCU
3. DePaul
4. Auburn

1. Miami (FL)
2. Arizona State
3. Oklahoma
4. Hawai'i

1. Texas
2. Utah
3. Stephen F. Austin
4. Wichita State

1. Alabama
2. Tulsa
3. Clemson
4. Memphis

Could be a very intriguing showdown between Clemson and Alabama, both of whom probably deserve to be at indoors. Of course, Memphis and Tulsa are more than capable of being spoilers; if not, the consolation match will indicate who is the early season favorite in CUSA.

1. Northwestern
2. Purdue
3. Washington State
4. Arkansas

1. Baylor
2. Texas Tech
3. Rice
4. Florida State

First real look at Baylor's new lineup. Florida State should be the biggest test; Texas Tech and Rice also looks like a pretty even matchup.

1. Michigan
2. South Carolina
3. Missouri
4. Brown

1. Nebraska
2. Notre Dame
3. Georgia Tech
4. Tennessee

Anyone could win this? On paper this is the weakest site for me. Still, TN/ND/GT are all good indoor teams traditionally, and Nebraska is at home, so ???

1. Texas A&M
2. Arizona
3. Minnesota
4. North Texas

1. Ole Miss**
2. Illinois
3. Vanderbilt
4. Yale

I think Vanderbilt should come through this site, but I am most intrigued to see how Yale-Ole Miss plays out (i.e. is Yale as good as I think they are?).
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