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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
Her level of play was not good in the 1st set. Sveta's level wasnt good in the 2nd.
Its not like Caro became a terrible player. She played some awful matches, like the loss the Ivanovic at IW.
But this loss was in the ballpark with her losses to Safarova and Goerges and Paszek and Kanepi. She played well enough to be in contention and still couldnt get thru to play an actual contender.
Her problem is winning the matches. Its not like she dropped to where she cant compete
The performance was also in the ballpark of many of her victories. Even during her best string of rusults there was always an ebb and flow to her focus, with many matches beeing nail-bitingly frustrating for her fans.

Personally I sense a degree of mass hysteria here amoung some fans, coupled with short memory of just how toutch and go her run at the top was. If Caro ever had a killer instinct, it was merely relative to her oponant. Many of her most memorable victories for me, were more about hanging in there to the last through pure stuboness, rather than some planed mental prowess.

She seems like a smart girl, and her game reflects an understanding of the match flow, which will with experience, evolve to a more controled effort at key moments. The fearlesness of youth eventual gives way to the wisdom of age and experience, and at this point we will see if she has the makings to go all the way or not. If at this stage in her young career she had yet to taste success I would wory, but thats not the case. She still has the hurdle of her first slam to surmount, but when she does there should be many, just as it was when she was folding in PM tourneys.

Those who (and I don't mean you) think that she is in some new state of mental fragility, should look back at the good times and realise that this mind set has always been there. There is always a danger in assumption, be it reasoning for past prowess or future endeavour. Transition takes time, lets see where she is when she hits 25. Those under a different impression have probably picked the wrong player to support, because this one, while not being bunny in the headlights, has definitely always been a roller coaster of emotion to support, with ever changing patterns of the bizzare, be it "0-40 means nothing", "0-3 again", or "I'll worry at 2-5 in the third". I see change in aproach, she is becoming more measured, (she never was an all or nothing player) wise, and calculating as she progresses.

Against Sveta, it was clear the Sveta dug to deep in the 1st and was planing a set 3 surge, and my only critisism to Caroline would be not upping the stakes a little earlier in 3. She dropped her game on a few key early points. Hopefully she realises that and will get into a better match rhythm asap.

As for coaching. The key issue is evolution rather than revolution. Clearly any alternate coach would need to evolve her game from her strengths and what she has now, because radical change is too costly both competitively and mentally. To date her best service improvement came with the aid of Sven. It wasn't radical, but rather tweeking what she had. Clearly a lower toss would help, but we have seen what happens to players that mess too much with their ball toss.

Too much drama, and too little patience in this thread.

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