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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
But ... if a player is feeling, it's not the right coach/trainer, I doubt there's much point in continuing. On the other hand, if a player feels it is the right coach, the patience to see through changes will obviously be larger.
First off,Caro is under no obligation to change her dad-coach even if 98% of her diehard fans scream for that.However,I don't believe that there was a very sincere effort by Caro to make it work,and I'd even say it to her face...even if she denied that...if we were sitting down to rich,Polish coffee one day.

It might sound like nonsense,but there are pure,dirty lies that make you lose respect for a person...and then there are 'sports lies' which aren't quite as serious,in my book,i.e.: Ridiculous stuff that athletes say when they're feeling weary while being pestered by media.I'd say that Caroline's coaching comments fell into the 2nd category.

My suspicion is that Caro believed that the coaching change would fail from the beginning(and that part of her even WANTED it to fail)...yet she felt at least halfway obligated to try that new tack given her growing slump along with the bad-mouthing that she was a helpless daddy's girl.Even Caro had to grudgingly admit that it was a reasonable premise to get a fresh perspective different from her father's.However,once it all started and rapidly lost her approval,she couldn't wait for the minimum time frame to elapse which would allow her to fire Sanchez without looking totally absurd.

Will re-state that I have no problem whatsoever with Piotr and Caro's desire to work together.All the same,I'd call it a poor reflection of a player's mental strength if he/she is only capable of playing for one coach on the planet.Strongly PREFERRING a particular coach??That's only human...but being weak and ineffective unless you have your favorite coach??THAT'S taking things a bit too far,IMO

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