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Originally Posted by Jem
I believe -- but am not 100 percent certain -- that the U.S. Open has a 30-plus year history of doing exactly this when a seed withdraws prior to the tournament. They simply put the new seeded player into the withdrawed player's spot in the draw. It's a terrible way to do a draw, but they've mostly done it that way for as long as I can remember. I remember way back in the early 1980s when Tracy Austin withdrew, and the same situation happened. Andrea Jaeger was the one basically screwed, as she was on the cusp of a higher seeding and wound up in a worse part of the draw. I think Jaeger felt that Austin stayed in the draw on purpose, so she would get a worse seeding position.
If that is the case, then I could live with it, although it's still silly.

Maybe Wimbledon and US Open always do this procedure, while the French Open actually change seeds. So maybe the GS organisers are after all.
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