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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by overrule View Post
Despite the heartbreaking result, I actually thought Caroline showed a lot of improvement. She was stepping into her returns, strategically placing her shots rather than just looping them back into play, coming into net, and forcing errors from Sveta. I don't care about the "winners" stat - it's totally meaningless whether or not the opponent gets a piece of the racket on the ball if the point is over. This is a stat that lazy journalists love.

It was a very high quality match from both players, IMO. But as many of you noted, she still doesn't have the confidence to close out these tight matches like she did in 2010-11. (Although she certainly did against Lisicky in the 1st round.) If she can get a good result in IW or Miami, it could put her back in the right mindset.

Personally, I think Piotr needs to get a life outside of Caroline's tennis. This relationship appears to be getting more and more negative. His facial expressions during the match were disheartening for the most part. It reminded me of my relationship with my father, and how he made me never want to play the sport again. Piotr should take a cue from Richard Williams, and Caroline should take her cue from Agnieska.
In an old documentary Piotr once said that it is hard to concentrate so much on one person in the family. Professional arrangements where family members turn into business partners can always take a toll on the family.
I think Piotr is a pretty intense person, he probably goes through twice as bad emotional state than Caro when he has to watch how big chances are slipping through her fingers. I wouldn't want to be around him when he bottles out
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