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Re: Which players have the highest 'TENNIS' IQ?

Originally Posted by Sir Stefwhit View Post
How I'm defining Tennis IQ
Strategy: having a formalized game plan to defeat a particular opponent. In addition to the initial game plan, having plans "B" and "C" options, and being able to successfully incorporate a backup plan if the original strategy isn't working.

Anticipation: the ability to read plays as well as the ability to predict patterns, shots, tendencies, and where the ball will land.

Variety: being able to go into your bag of tricks and hit every shot in the book when needed lends itself to a higher IQ. So players who incorporate use of angles, change the direction and pace of the ball, have variety of serves, have a good transition game, show competency at the net, as well as incorporate the following: spin, power, slice, feel, and touch.

Execution: Players who find ways to neutralize an opponents strengths and can successfully exploit their weaknesses. Some do this by keeping their unforced errors low, others dominating with winners, and some may try to physically exhaust you. It's not just having the plan it's being able to consistently frustrate other players by making their games ineffective- and more importantly it's the ability to do this MORE OFTEN than not.

It seems to me that supergrunt is right and that when most people hear the phrase "tennis IQ" they tend to think of players who are crafty all court players- even players who haven't accomplished anything and stil have relatively poor records are being mentioned throughout the thread.

I guess tennis IQ means one thing to one person and maybe something else to another, in truth there really is no set definition. I gave supergrunt a hard time for his comment but as I think about it more I think he's right and a lot of times the phrase is used in a way to diss more power players and to praise more crafty players.

For the sake of having some commonality I put forth this definition so we could all pick someone who best represents this definition of "tennis IQ". If, for the sake of this thread, we agree to use this definition then Radwanska definitely does fit this criteria. It's easy to see what's in my head and the player I think have the highest tennis IQ- they are all the options in this poll...

I'm most impressed by players who 'learn on the job'. They take their lumps but each time they lose they figure out what they did wrong and become better tennis players from it. I love when a player figures out a way to turn around a losing H2H or can figure out how to win a match when their A game isn't working.

There's no one way to define this "meaningless" term, in actuality tennis smarts can be represented numerous ways some more obvious than others. I'm pleasantly surprised to see Serena's cout sense and tennis smarts be recognized in the poll and shocked that Evert is easily forgotten in this new generation, same goes for Navratilova who was an EXTREEMLY cerebral player. The way she came up w.a plan to incorporate fitness to elevate her game and maximize all her potential is probably one of the best examples and on the court she was a true tactician.

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