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Re: Video: What do gay men think about vaginas?

This was actually quite funny. I was expected some tiresome, immature "ewww Vaginas are gross" BS

Now, don't get me wrong, gay men are not gonna like vaginas, the same way lesbians won't like dicks. But I just find it actually quite offensive when people say stuff like that, and then when a straight guy/girl says "eww I'd never touch a dick/vagina" they accuse them of homophobia. Hypocrisy!!!

My best friend is a lesbian, and she went out with this vile girl who was really heterophobic and made awful remarks about gay guys. But if anyone said anything she disagreed with, she used the homophobia card. I don't like the way some people in minorities think they can use that as an ace card, it's insulting to people who have really suffered that abuse.

As for gay men liking breasts, they really do. My gay friend is always grabbing mine I don't know why, and he said he can't explain it either.
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