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Re: Petra shot down by Laura in Melbourne

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Let me say first off that I may have used overly strong language towards you,and for THAT,specifically,I apologize.There was a death in the family a couple days ago so maybe that's nagging at me a bit...and maybe I should avoid the subforum for a bit to keep from hurting your feelings.
Sorry to hear this sad news. I wish you all the best.

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Quite frankly,I have no respect at all for your stab at logic;to hear YOU tell it,I should call the benefactor who funded the firehouse--and not the fire department--if my house went ablaze.Yeah,Cermosek built some facilities,great,but you haven't shown me ANY evidence on how he advised Hingis on training methods,coached her or did jack shit to claim credit for her Slam titles.If you're suggesting that Martina couldn't have found some OTHER courts to train on...and that she would've been some ITF player had Cermosek not built those facilities,well.....maybe you've been stealing from Moose's mushroom supply.

On the contrary,why in the heck should neutral,non-Czechs believe that the big shot did ANYthing major for Hingis when we see how amateurishly he's treated Petra??That is: No male hitting partner;Huggy Bear coach instead of a seasoned,respected professional;asinine scheduling of events;ludicrous treatment of Petra's asthma and other health problems.......we could continue,but let's look at how Petra was SUCH a late bloomer,is still raw in several respects,and puzzlingly lacks confidence.....It doesn't seem as if all those years at the CCC helped her that much,does it??If anything,it looks like Petra succeeded IN SPITE OF your favorite Czech mafia stooge and NOT because of him.

If you think that the word 'clown' is so harsh and unbearable,then you may have had a very sheltered life.Perhaps the Old Ladies' Mah Jongg Forum would suit you better than TF.You'd have a heckuva time coping in Mexico,where bastard,sewer-dwelling narcos will shoot a 3-year-old girl just because her mommy works in the Justice Department.To ME,using the word 'clown' to describe Petra's manager doesn't sound so universe-shaking when he's arrogantly boasted of his control over her while undermining such a rare talent and sweet gal.You/he should be happy that I didn't use a word that was much WORSE....and it's phony b.s. for you to gripe at ME when Ex has used equally-strong language(and justifiably so).....I'm done with that!
Sorry, my time is too precious for engaging in these arguments. Let's just say we agree to disagree.
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