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Re: Which players have the highest 'TENNIS' IQ?


First of all, she learned the game using wooden rackets on grass courts, and made the transition through metal rackets to composites, and from half the tournaments being on grass, through the transition to the hardcourt centric game of the 90's, making her serve and volley game work, while also being a skilled baseliner.

Simply put, she had the most skills, used them on the most diverse platforms, and mastered the most different types of games. Plus, before today's super-tech rackets, players HAD to know how to build points, not just rally til they got a short ball. I don't laugh at people picking Radwanska over Navratilova, because they didn't see her play. But you're with Navratilova, you're talking about a different order of experience, and vastly superior ability to gameplan and execute.

The woman won a main draw match at Wimbledon in 2004, when she was 47 years old!

However, sticking to current and recently retired players, how on earth is Radwanska getting more votes than Serena or Justine Henin!?!?

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