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Originally Posted by netphobia View Post
I thought I fended him off quite well no offense ofc AM...but really I promise I'm not so wonderful to be flirted with over the internet by anyone.
Well,a sweet personality--which you have--goes a surprisingly long way with men of discernment,even regardless of looks...and you are probably like many other sweet gals who give an overly-humble assessment of themselves.However,what with the fact that I'm much older than you,it doesn't really matter precisely how 'wonderful' you are....I was just trying to keep things honorable here in the thread.

I'm NOT saying that you can't handle yourself,Net,but I'll give you some background since you first came here while Moose was away on a 3-month,court-ordered drug rehab.He's not really a bad guy,per se,as in 'lowlife' or 'scumbag',but you're only dreaming if you think that you 'fended him off' merely with that post.Moose is one of those young horny boys who'd chase after almost ANY gal in a tennis dress...and that's when he's SOBER.......When he's been drinking or going too heavily on the Mushrooms,Moose will offer his companionship to Carla Suarez Navarro types because he's too intoxicated to distinguish them from Andrea Petkovic.The next day,when he brags to his friends how he took Petkovic back to his hotel room,the ones who were a bit soberer the previous night do their best to not burst out laughing when they explain to Moose what REALLY happened.

Still,as you can read for yourself,Moose's creativity and imagination are a great aspect of this Petra subforum,so we're better off when he's here and not on in-patient rehab

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