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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Players were asked what they'd do if they couldn't play tennis,and Kerber gave her usual automaton answer...she's actually a more boring,lifeless interview than Stosur is...and that's pretty hard to do.I think that if someone asked Kerber what her middle name was,she'd reply,"Ohhh,I don't know,I just try to play good every match and make my shots and I hope that I win."

Amongst the women who were interviewed,Caroline EASILY had the most introspective,thoughtful reply,and she sounded sincere,to boot,as if she had actually given the idea some serious thought.I know that there's an almost fairy-tale quality to Caroline's smile but,when you hear her talk,she comes across as a VERY real person...nothing at all like some of the phony Gal Smiley(that's the female version of Guy Smiley,right? )WTA cover girls who are supposedly so charming......until you catch them at the right moment

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