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Originally Posted by ma re View Post
That's true, but we still don't know the whole list so we can only speculate; that's why I wrote "for all we know".


And I'm still hopeful you'll see what's wrong in sentences such as: It would still considerable help her ranking.

I can't believe you forgot all the criticism I wrote about Donna on many of the previous pages. Whenever she deserved it.

There would be no need for it, cause I don't go around calling players shit. I tend to go for constructive criticism.

It was clearly big enough of an issue to get you to go on and on about how bad of a move it is and how it's whoring, throughout several posts, before I ever reacted. But you probably don't even realize that you disclosed yourself as a hater in these posts by taking verbal U-turns - first saying in post #3291 that she entered KL for easy points, but then suggesting in post #3300 that Eilat would've given her more points. Either you're not smart enough to keep your post content consistent or you just pretend to like Donna. I'd be willing to bet on the later.

Anyway, several people already have you in filter. That number is about to increase. Have a nice life.
First, typo, not spelling error
Secondly, what I said was constructive. When I said she was points-whoring in the house, that was supposed to be a joke because I used to think she only did that but now that I have seen her play I know she has a good game and isn't actually whoring, and would do just as well in bigger events I thought you would have realised by now that whenevr I say that it is a joke. I haven't said anything negative about Donna's scheduling in ages that wasn't in jest. I mean, come on. I have admitted many times that I was wrong and even said that after the US Open my opinion had completely changed of her. After watching snippets of her match vs Wozniacki (I couldn't watch it all because I was at a tennis tournament) I realised that she does deserve her rank, at least if she gets consistency up
I know you are normally constructive, that's why I sent you a PM asking why you had suddenly lost your reason and why you were treating my posts about her playing Eilat as spam

BTW, when have I ever said that Donna was shit

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