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Re: Does Chris Evert bother anyone else as a match commentator?

Originally Posted by Volcana View Post
If you won EIGHTEEN slam singles titles, maybe, just maybe, from your persepctive, they DO have the same type of game.

It's going to come as a shock to a lot of people here, but Chris Evert knows WAY more about tennis than almost anyone on the this forum. He father was a coach, she grew up in the game, and she was one of the foremost practitioners of it.

If she says they have the same type of game, and you DON'T see that, the objective response is that YOU need to look harder. Unless you're Margaret Court, Steffi Graf, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova or Serena, there is NO doubt Chris Evert opinion is more educated than yours. NO doubt.

You don't have to like her, but if you don;t see what she sees, chances are you're the one that's blind, not her.

NOTE: BJK and Arthur Ashe were my tennis heroes. I hated when Evert supplanted BJK. But Chris Evert had more influence on the on-court-game of women's tennis than any other player in history. She MADE women's tennis a baseline game. (Not a virtue, but a reality.) She's an Authority. Haters gonna hate, but they gotta know that's all they got.
Sorry but this post is ridiculous. You are talking about Chris the tennis player and Chris the commentator. These are two completely different jobs and two completely different people. Just because you know how to play tennis and are a really good player that doesn't mean you can comment on the game when you're not involved in it and when you clearly haven't done the research on the players you're commenting on. I love Chris as a player and as a commentator but there's nothing wrong with admitting that she's wrong and that she's funny. That's part of her charm. Pretending as if she is some God who knows everything and is never wrong makes you look blind and uninformed. Funny that.

Originally Posted by Cooper96 View Post
Sorry, but this is just not true. I don't think Chris Evert could name half of the people in the Top 50. She may have been around tennis for all of her life, but that does not mean she is fit to be a commentator.
Precisely. I just think she hasn't done her research on these players or taken the time to actually watch matches they've played.

Originally Posted by TheDream View Post
what a dumbass post. navratilova said today she was looking forward to the aga and ivanovic match because of contrasting styles and they play two totally different game's. so, who's analysis should we follow
Yes, basically.

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