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Re: Random Posts/miscellaneous/anything Petra :)

Originally Posted by ArcticMoose View Post

answer is quite simple - just take a leaf out of Marsha, Little Marsha or Miss VIP's book ... ....lose those wide straps...or raise the hem line...
Moose,I'm pretty darned confident that the answer is 'No',but you're not in your late 20s,are you??I ask this because 'Net' is fairly young...she might be pissed at me for posting that but it's true(I won't say exactly HOW old)

I'm not passing judgment on you cuz,to my shame,I posted a Sortilegio vid for her to check out...and then I suddenly remembered that there were lots of younger folk here at TF...and that she might be one of them(which turned out to be the case)....Am not saying that you're some extreme perv or anything,but I used to work in the pen where there are loads of sick,pathetic sex fiends,so I suppose that makes me more sensitive to that problem than others.

If you tell me that you're in your early 20s,then that puts you within reasonable age range,and then I won't interrupt your flirtatious comments anymore....fair enough??

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