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Originally Posted by aussie_fan View Post
Although, we shouldn't forget the absolute disaster that was the loss to ukraine at home in 2011 when Taylor played an injured Rodinova in 3 matches.
Yes, that was a disaster! I was probably more alluding to the rocky relationships the captains have had with certain players that somehow DT managed to avoid:
McQuillan publicly slamming Lesley Bowrey and that she gave more time (and favoured) Jelena Dokic.
John Alexander accusing Nicole Pratt of not playing due to not being paid enough.
Rennae Stubbs falling out with our natural treasure Goolagong and Mark Woodforde - and saying the game had past Evonne.

DT kept things fairly low key (part from the Glen Iris debacle) but the position has often attracted drama Hopefully Alicia has the skills to manage things unlike Rafter who seems to just think suspensions are the way if he sees something he doesn't like.

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